Land of the Lost

Day 125

In my lifetime, I have lost 243 pair of sunglasses– give or take.   And, I think if I were to actually “crunch the numbers”, I’m pretty sure I would find a direct inverse statistical relationship between the cost of the sunglasses and the time it takes me to lose them.  I might also have to factor in some sort of “cute” variable as well.

It is this reason, I probably shouldn’t get too mad at my children when they lose things since it appears to be encoded in their DNA.  But, as we are all learning, this year if we lose things, there is no easy replacement.

One of my kids left her goggles at the pool at our health club,  or at least that is where she THOUGHT they might be.  So, we made a special trip to the front desk and inquired about missing goggles.  Without missing a beat, the woman  hoisted this bin on the counter.

Holy Cow, that is a lot of lost goggles, and one orphan Barbie mermaid


She said, “If don’t see yours, just pick out a pair, they’ve been here all summer and we’ll just end up donating them”.

So, both of my kids are sporting new goggles from the wayward goggle bin. (lose one, get two).   This is a good deal for us.  Both of my kids were also willing to give the Barbie mermaid a good home, but since we didn’t lose one, I did draw the line at that.    Still, I have this nagging thought, that if had been last year, I might not have bothered trying to track down the goggles (like apparently so many other people) and just picked up a new pair while in Target.

I also have a problem keeping track of the kids water bottles.  My solution this year, was to label the water bottles with our phone number, which I’ve done in the past. But, it was halfhearted labeling at best.  And, do you know what?  Someone actually called me to come pick up a missing water bottle that we left at the Vet’s.  I love it when a well-hydrated plan comes together.

I think the very threat of “not being able to get a new one” has certainly made me more mindful off where everything is.  Even the kids seem to be running a mental checklist for their things.  And, my youngest actually remembered, of her own volition, that she left her scooter at the neighbors last week and went to fetch it.   That was a first.

Now if I could just figure out how to label my sunglasses.