A Third of the Way

I realized today that we’re a third of the way through our Simple Year project. Which blows my mind. I feel like we’ve accomplished a lot, but not just in getting rid of stuff. I mean we still have an incredibly long way to go, but one of the most interesting parts of eliminating the stuff is that we’re also experiencing a change in our mindset.

We’re more conscious. More aware. When you strip away the clutter and excess, what is left is eye opening. Because it becomes very clear what you have been prioritizing. And what you have not.

We’re asking ourselves more questions these days. When faced with a decision to acquire something, we’re asking ourselves why. Why do I think I want it? Do I really need it? What is a necessity and what is a luxury? For real. Not based on what everyone we know has. But based on reality. Even if we can afford to buy whatever we see or give our kids everything they ask for, it doesn’t mean we should.

And we aren’t just simplifying our possessions. We’re simplifying our schedules. And our commitments. And our expectations. And it, quite honestly, is liberating. Our schedules aren’t as packed as they were before. And we like it that way. Because we have more time to spend with each other. And with our friends. And more time to just be.

Before The Simple Year, we were living without intention. And when you do that, life seems to get away from you. Now, as we shed the crazy, we also shed the burdens that go with it. And that feels good. And motivating.

It’s good to sit in the quiet sometimes. In a place that isn’t filled to the brim with distraction. And in that place, I’m reminded of how blessed I truly am.

Gratuitous Puppy and Boy Photo

Gratuitous Puppy and Boy Photo