Accidents Happen

This weekend Stephen worked in the garage and made more space in there. I’m not sure what exactly he did, but there’s more room for the car. And the kids don’t have to pretend they are rodents, squishing themselves to half their size, to get out on the passenger side of the vehicle.

And after the garage, Stephen went to relocate The Girl’s old bedroom dresser that had randomly been placed by our front door with a different dresser that had been living in the sunroom. I was hoping to sell The Girl’s old dresser, but alas, the dresser didn’t quite make it.

*insert solemn moment of silence to honor the fallen dresser*

In fact, it died a really unsatisfactory death. Stephen might have gotten angry when it fell over, what with all of the drawers flying out all over the floor when he tried to roll it on a dolly.  He might, in a fit of frustration, have flung the drawers out the front door towards the curb.


I hope the neighbors weren’t watching.

It’s moments like these when I really can’t help being a smart ass giving him an encouraging hug. And it’s moments like that that Stephen gives me a death glare and keeps moving really loves me a lot .

A few minutes later, these two stopped to assess:


Did you notice the second guy? (Let’s play Where’s Waldo?)

These two dudes took the knobs off of all the drawers. Not sure what they planned on doing with them. But I don’t really care that much either. It was bulk trash pick up week and it looks like they’d scored some mattresses during their earlier hunting expeditions.

When I got home this morning, everything was gone.