A Summer of Mindfulness

I know that it has been quiet around the blog lately, and that is definitely a fault of mine. Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting to still be writing the blog this summer and with all of our big changes (moving to a new place, transferring to new jobs, having a baby in the NICU, etc.) I haven’t had a ton of spare time either.

My free time is mostly spent trying to make the most out of my maternity leave and spend as much 1:1 time with my daughter as possible. I’ve always known that I would have four months of leave to spend with Annika and now that it is slowly coming to a close and I am staring down the inevitability that I will soon be leaving her with a nanny five days a week, I have been even more mindful of how I spend my free time.┬áThis train of thought then got me me thinking…isn’t being more mindful of how I spend my time one of my Simple Year goals? Yes, it is!

This thought made me stop and feel less guilty about my hiatus. I have been doing exactly what I set out to do this year. I have been super mindful of my time with my daughter and I hope that I continue to carry this with me throughout parenthood. I’m sure I’ll stumble and not always be successful, but right now things are going wonderfully. My daughter and I spend all day together, we do fun activities, we snuggle, we go for walks in the gorgeous summer weather. It’s been a truly special time in my life.

Going forward, I will still be posting. The other Simple Year gals are all in talks to do some update posts too and we will hopefully be having a new poster take over sometime in the not-so distant future. Until then, I plan to continue to be intentional about my time as maternity leave comes to a close and spend as much time loving on my little baby as possible.