Year 06

Simple Year 6

A simple living story that started from a remote fishing village in the Alaskan bush. (Pilot Point, population: 65)  But, like all good stories, there were twists to include, a new baby, a move, a job change. Trying to keep it simple even as life seemed to get more complex.

My Simple Year Goals: My big picture goals are pretty straightforward…

  1. Reduce our food waste.
  2. Become less reliant on outside food sources.
  3. Reduce the amount of clothing we purchase.
  4. Find ways to reduce waste in the classroom.
  5. Live more authentically and take the time to slow down and appreciate the little things.

Little Background: I’m originally a Midwestern gal, but I caught “Alaska Fever” back in 2010 when I accepted a job working in the commercial fishing industry.  Since then, I’ve grown to love the 49th state, and happily call it home alongside my husband, Cody, and our two dogs, Specks and Luna (you can read about our Alaskan adventures on my other blog – The Middletons of Nowhere).

We started the year in Pilot Point, Alaska. Where I live a very important part of this years project because if you search for Pilot Point on a map, you’re unlikely to find much. That is because my husband and I teach in a fly-in-only village in southwestern Alaska. Our village is located on the Alaska Peninsula and is home to less than seventy residents.