Year 02

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The Simple Year 2

We’re spending the next 52 weeks on a full-scale frontal assault on our crap. An excess of household items isn’t all we’re purging. The big house, the luxury cars, the cable TV, clothes, schedules, commitments, frivolous expenditures and relying on other people to maintain our home are all up on the chopping block. In our little pocket of Dallas, entitlement, materialism and luxury reign supreme. Instead of staying on the treadmill of consumption and keeping up with what everyone else is doing, we choose to focus on what we find meaningful.

We aren’t just de-cluttering our home. We’re de-cluttering our lives. As the physical possessions decline in number, the plan is to redirect the time and money spent caring for them on family adventures.

The beginning of our Simple Year will focus on the nitty gritty stuff we have in our home. As we continue, we will focus on bigger picture items – the house, the car, our family obligations.

Our hope is that during our Simple Year, we’ll identify what we really, truly need. We’re going to put into action what we have been saying in name only for far too long: that our family and relationships are what we value. Not our possessions. We’re going to focus on living a life free from all the stuff that, in the end, means nothing.

~Stephen, Kandice, The Boy, The Girl and Eddie

Kandice can be reached at kandice at kandicebridges dot com.

9 Responses to Year 02

  1. Go Bridges family! Congratulations on embracing a new lifestyle, I look forward to hearing about all the changes and good things that start coming your way. When are you planning on downsizing your home?
    We are in the process of downsizing and are putting our house on the market on 6/18. De-cluttering has been liberating and I am really looking forward to a more simple life!

  2. Kandice,

    I look forward to reading your journey. Two years ago I downsized my life and home. While I only had a one bedroom apartment it took me six months to complete so I can only imagine how hard you will have to work.

  3. I also look forward to reading your story. It is a wonderful legacy you are leaving to your children. The lessons and the memories ARE what life is all about. Best of luck!

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