Bigger Truck

Day 340


I fluctuated between admiration and horror as this man pulled his  U-Haul up to the donation door or a local thrift store and offloaded the entire thing PACKED full of stuff.

File: You know you have too much stuff when…

I snapped this picture the other day at our local Arc Thrift Store.  I watched with a mix of horror and admiration as the crew unloaded this jam packed truck.   On one hand, I was impressed that they were shedding so many belongings.  On the other hand, I realized that when I get my stuff out of storage and start casting off the items we have realized over the last year that we don’t really need nor want anymore– I’m gonna need a BIGGER TRUCK.

A couple of important programming notes

Rachel at The Minimalist Mom gave me the very nice opportunity to write a guest post on her awesome blog yesterday. Her blog is not at all “militant”, she has very young children and a great rational take on simplifying life.  She also has a great personal story about shedding her debt.  If you haven’t ever checked out her blog, you can find it (and the post) here.

I have extended the deadline for submissions to take over this blog until April 4, 2013 to allow all of the folks that have wandered over from The Minimalist Mom an opportunity to submit if they would like.   Don’t know what I’m talking about?   Please check out details for how you can have this blog next on my HandOff page here.