Winding Down in the Kitchen

This week I’m going to take you on a tour of my kitchen as it stands now. First up is the refrigerator and freezer. We’ve been working on improving our eating habits by eating mostly whole foods. That translates into lots of produce and very few prepackaged items. We’ve started composting and have outgrown our initial plastic bin. So, we’ve designated a corner of our yard (in a back corner no one goes to) as our compost heap.

By making these changes to our diets, our monthly food spend has gone down. We spend about the same at the farmers market, but we’re eating out less. We have figured out how to eat gluten free due to Stephen’s celiac diagnosis. We’ve started buying less in an effort to reduce our food waste.

I cleaned the refrigerator and freezer. When I was done and right before I went to the grocery store, this is where we stood:

I finally remembered to turn the phone the right way!

I finally remembered to turn the phone the right way!

When The Girl opened it up she said, “Um, Mom. It might be too clean.”

It doesn’t look much different than this right now, although I do have some salmon thawing, a couple of containers of leftovers, some chicken, milk and more produce.

I’ve grown to love the look of space. It no longer strikes me as cold or sterile. Rather peaceful. We still have work to do, as you’ll see in the coming weeks, but it’s so much better than when we started. And for that I am grateful.