I’ve spent the last couple days tying up loose ends with my PTA committee, and catching up at work. Deciding to focus on 15 minutes a day meant I was able to get some decluttering done, but I’m pretty wiped out. This morning I appreciated my inability to get our winter stuff fully packed away, because I wore my long puffy coat to the bus as it was 34 degrees.


Rockin’ fleece on April 24

Today Emma came home from school and was unusually needy. I don’t think anything happened, and I was with her during her library class and all was well. But the week was long for her too and even though I wasn’t really out more than usual, my attention was not as focused on her.

She sometimes spends so much time telling me all she knows about history and science and art, and she’s almost always so well behaved that I overlook the fact that she just turned 8. She spends a lot of time trying to convince me she’s not a little girl, then she and her friend leave a note and a plate of cheese outside for the fairies, and I remember. And she comes home from school and wails like a baby, and insists on being cuddled.


So I don’t have much more to say today. I let her sleep in our bed tonight and pretty soon I’m going to fall asleep next to her and feel glad for the most important of simple things, like the love of a little girl.