Untitled Random Stuff

Project 333 is done. I may make some adjustments tomorrow or the next day, because our dryer is out of commission and so the laundry’s piling up. Then I’ll take some pictures. I have a couple other things happening, one which came out of our dryer crisis:

  •  A couple days ago I noticed my new neighbor put up a clothesline in her back yard, which made me oddly nostalgic for my childhood. I grew up in Levittown, NY, the first mass-produced suburb, and all the homes came with something like this in the backyard:

    Image: Wikipedia

    My parents purchased our house from the original owners and it still had the original clothesline, which eventually fell apart and was replaced by a line tied between the garage and a telephone pole in the backyard. Even though we had a dryer, my mom hung our clothes to dry whenever the weather cooperated. I’m really thinking about putting a clothesline in the back now. Laundry that’s dried outside always smells so nice. Of course, I’m kidding myself. I can barely get stuff folded, and now I’m thinking about taking the time to hang clothes outside? But I like the idea of using less electricity. Stay tuned.

  • I wrote a few weeks ago about throwing out a falling-apart piece of furniture, and my goal of shuffling existing pieces into the space, but it didn’t work out. I really didn’t want to buy a brand-new piece of furniture, because I like the look of vintage furniture and the new things I saw were overpriced and not well-made. Earlier today I dragged Bob and Emma to our nearest Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I was very excited to find this:

    I can’t wait to paint this!

    It was also listed on Craigslist for $125 and then marked down to $85. The top drawer is not really a drawer, it opens down and then there is space for office supplies and the like. It needs a paint job but is otherwise in great shape. It has space for the stereo, and for books which is important because I still have books sitting on the floor. We need to fold down the seats in the back of the car so we need to return tomorrow to pick it up, without Emma. I love that we saved some money, and bought something that helps a great organization. The store had a lot of really nice items so I can see myself returning, to donate and to shop.

  • Earlier today I was also feeling frustrated with myself because I feel like I move on to new projects before finishing previous projects. So I went back into the bedroom and realized it’s fully decluttered, really! But it’s also a mess because I need to get into a routine for putting away the little bits and bobs that end up on the dresser and nightstand. But everything that’s in there belongs there and there is nothing to donate or throw out.
  • I have another donation pickup scheduled for Tuesday. Yesterday was one of the cooler days all week so I went into the attic and pulled out a few more things. It’s funny how there are things I’ve looked at without thinking about donating them. For example, a couple years ago I bought fabric to make curtains and slipcovers for my office, which I never got around to doing. But I felt guilty about spending the money and I kept promising myself that I’d do it at some point. Obviously, at this point, I’m not going to do it. In fact the room I was using as my office is now Emma’s playroom and while I’m tempted to ask her if she likes the fabric, I’m not going to. I don’t think she really cares and then it’s still going to hang over my head. I have a couple friends who sew so I will ask them and then I’m going to donate it if there are no takers.

Today feels like Saturday because I was given today off. I’m hoping to get a few things done this weekend, including a new crafty project and more attic purging. Have a great weekend!