Reset Day

Every so often things pile up at a rate that’s too fast for me. It can be any combination of things- work, Emma’s activities, housework, even social occasions. Since I’ve been writing here, I start each week with a pretty solid idea about what I’m going to write. Sometimes the post I sit down to write isn’t the one I end up writing because something else more relevant springs from my pen.

But this morning I woke up realizing I didn’t know what I wanted to write today. I haven’t had a lot of time this week to work on my project, between work and school half-days and other things needing my attention. And I realized I need a Reset Day, which is like a day off with more attention given to regrouping and reconsidering my plans.

I’m really only getting a half-day, which will begin as soon as I post this, but it’ll do. Tomorrow and Friday promise to be busy, but we have no real obligations for the weekend. The last few weekends have been very hectic so I’m looking forward to some extra free time. I have a lot to read as I’ve become a library hoarder. Yesterday I took Emma to the library and came home with three books for her and one for me. In addition, I have an audio book on my phone which I listen to when I walk, plus two e-books on my Kindle. My weekend free time is mostly spoken for.

Speaking of regrouping and reconsidering, yesterday I got all the laundry folded and put away, and it did not take nearly as long as expected. I was left with a little time to dig through a basket of random items, but realized I didn’t have any boxes so I stopped.

Trying to declutter without boxes doesn’t resolve a mess, in my experience. I’m going to visit Home Depot tomorrow to buy boxes. Part of me feels aggravated about spending money on them, but it’s also a good sign. It means I’ve been shopping online less, and bringing fewer things into the house, and I’ve given lots of boxes of stuff away. I know I could go around to area businesses looking for free boxes, but I live in a small town and it would be time consuming. I’d rather spend a little money and have the extra time. Here’s another reason why I have no boxes, but I don’t mind:


A bunk bed for dolls

I’m going to roast some carrots and defrost a frozen shepherd’s pie for dinner, read, relax and regroup. See you Friday.