A Big Bag of Nothin’

I’ve got nothing today. 

My spinal injections got pushed to July because, of course, I’m now sick. When I went to the CVS Minute Clinic to get a strep test (I’m prone to strep), the nurse asked me two absolutely hilarious questions:

Her:  Are you under stress?

Me: *snort* Um, yes.

Her: Are you experiencing back pain?

Me: Excruciating, but it has nothing to do with me being sick right now.

The Girl’s surgery was a bit more complicated than anticipated, but she is fine.My doctor called in a prescription for happy pills, otherwise known as Vicodin, so I’ll be in less pain and feeling fine until the injections. For now, I’m just going to sleep. A lot. I’m hoping that I feel better by this weekend so I can unload some more stuff.

Until Monday, I hope you all have  a great weekend!