The Master Bedroom After

And, the last bedroom in my little home tour to show you all is the master bedroom. ┬áIt’s not “decorated,” so-to-speak, but for now it’s at least not overwhelmed by stuff. Right now when I look at it, all I can see is the fact that we need a bedskirt, pillow cases, side tables and some lamps. Easy fixes,but, I’m not in a huge hurry. It will get done when it gets done.


The chair with the steps tool (in the picture above) is usually at the foot of the bed. It’s how Eddie climbs up on his own. And this picture below is from the other angle (yes, that’s a suitcase on the ironing board – I haven’t completely unpacked from vacation just yet – oh, and some clean clothes that need to be put away and, for whatever reason, one of the Girl’s binders):


Here are a couple of “before” shots:


The Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Before

The Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Before

I still don’t know how to make that dressing table before picture bigger.

I honestly feel more relaxed in there. Just a few more things to do. There are a few things under the bed, for instance, that I need to cull through. But, it’s SO. MUCH. BETTER!

The Simple Year 3 Update

So here’s a little update. Our new blogger is getting ready to start her new year. I’m finishing up my last few posts (still trying to find the right words to sum this thing up) and will post those in the coming weeks. Kerry is gearing up to add her own post or two to the mix, so you will hear from her, too.

Have an amazing rest of the week!