As the month ends I find myself with a few loose ends that will follow me into next month. I love October but don’t feel ready for it. This isn’t my official monthly assessment; it’s more like the phone call your mom gets to prepare her for a bad report card.

I intended to work and hopefully finish reorganizing the playroom- but it’s not done.

I didn’t have a chance to revisit Project 333. I threw my first capsule wardrobe together without fully grasping how it’s supposed to work but since it’s fall it’s a good time to try again.

I didn’t finalize my menu for October. The last Sunday of the month is my designated menu planning day, but we went to visit my mom which isn’t very close to where I live so we were gone most of the day. It’s mostly finished but I’m not happy with it. Unlike last month, I’m immediately off the hook for four to five days- Bob’s birthday, and our anniversary, and we’ll be away for a weekend. We’ve had pizza with neighbors for Halloween and I’m hoping we do that again.

Even though I have three boxes of donations ready to go, and will add more from the playroom when I get back in there, I feel like I didn’t get a lot done this month.

Today Hurricane Joaquin distracted me, and led to me changing my plans. I decided to work in the garden, since we’re going to be stuck inside this weekend and I need to get some things in the ground now.

On a positive note, I located the lanterns, flashlights and batteries easily, which is a huge win. I’m not sure if the batteries will still work but I’ll check tomorrow. Even though I don’t think this storm will be a big deal for us, I want be ready. We were without power for four days after Hurricane Sandy, but were much luckier than so many. Being without electricity doesn’t bother me as much as the cold, so tomorrow I’ll make sure our sweaters and blankets are easily accessible.

And Emma’s ready for Halloween. We got her outfit yesterday and her hat today.

WitchyWhen I was a kid we wore our costumes once, but almost every year Emma has worn her costume several times, for scouting events and parties. I’m glad we’re all ready.

And that’s all I have for today. On Friday I’ll share the official progress report. You’ve been warned.