What Lies Beneath (and in, and behind)

I love cabinets, and baskets, and drawers. They make cleaning so easy by providing a place to stash stuff which is hard to classify or find a permanent home for. Drawers and cabinets are especially helpful because they put things out of sight.

But at some point one has to pay the piper. That time is now. But like almost everything else about my project, it’s going to be a process. I attempted to get a few baskets completely clean, but I found I was more productive by circulating among the different areas of need.

This cabinet used to be in the kitchen, and held dishes and plates. I relocated it downstairs, but allowed it to fill with stuff.


I didn’t really make a dent here yet.

These two baskets are full of Emma’s things. Neither is empty yet but I tossed a lot because most of it was not going to be of any use to anyone.


Toys and random stuff


Crafty stuff

I’ve been ignoring my desk drawers…since forever. One is Bob’s and I didn’t take a before photo because it was was cluttered but not terrible. Mine was, unsurprisingly, a mess. Here’s a before photo. deskdrawerbeforeAnd here are both drawers, after.


Bob’s drawer, stocked with red pens and dry erase markers.


My drawer.

Not too long ago I got rid of lots of excess office supplies, and when I went through the desk and the baskets, I found even more. officesupplies2

I filled a good-size box with unsharpened pencils and unused pens, and we still have enough to last us a while. It was good to spend time doing non-Christmas related things. Because we spend the holiday with my family, Emma opens her gifts tomorrow, so tonight is our Christmas Eve.

I wish you all a happy Christmas!