The Relationship Between Kindness and Meth

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Did I get your attention? Good. Stick with me here. Last fall, Kim wrote about The KIND Campaign in one of her posts.

The Kind Campaign was founded by Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson. And Lauren (in real life) is married to Aaron Paul, the actor who starred as meth addict/cooker/dealer Jesse Pinkman, opposite Bryan Cranston as Walter White, in Breaking Bad, one of the best TV shows ever to have been made.

You may be wondering what the heck this all has to do with kindness. Well, I’m getting there, but at least now you know how Kindness and Meth are related. (See what I did there?)

Anyway, what I’m about to show you is from Aaron Paul’s Instagram Feed. Scroll through it for like five seconds and not only will you see some pretty amazing photos, but it becomes 99.1% crystal clear how proud he is of Lauren and how much he supports the Kind Campaign.

As an aside, I find it hilarious how I’m talking about Lauren and Aaron AS IF I KNOW THEM. Moving on.

Here is his Insta photo and caption:

Kind Campaign Pic

“Yo!!! Do you want to be flown to Los Angeles with a friend, picked up by me in some sort of vehicle and put up in a fancy hotel with room service and butlers and stuff and then be the guest of honor at a private dinner party with me, @juleshough@helloimarielle,@ninadobrev@mollymaethomps and my beautiful wife@laurenpaul8? Donate $10 or more to @kindcampaign now at (U.S. or international) to be entered! The DEADLINE is Jan 31st! @kindcampaign will announce the winner the first week of February! Thank you all for the loving support you constantly give to me and to Kind. Can’t tell you how much we appreciate it. Hope to see you at the dinner table. I also promise to give you a signed Breaking Bad script because I know you want one.”

So, really, I’m doing a public service here. I’m letting you know about this amazing opportunity to not only support the Kind Campaign, but to also have a chance to enjoy dinner with some fascinating people, and HELLO. Signed Breaking Bad script.

This is something you can do for not a lot of money. Plus, BONUS: it will help spread kindness throughout the land.

Simply text “KIND” to 41444 or go here.

It's A Good Thing


It couldn’t be easier. And it will help make a big difference in the lives of a whole lot of young ladies.