More Paper and Christmas Decorations

It’s amazing how fast the paper comes into the house. And when it does, I stack it into piles. Piles of paper. In the family room. The den. The bedroom. And that works fine until there’s an avalanche.


Which happens more often than I’d care to admit. 90% of that avalanche went to the recycle bin. This weekend I’ll be tackling a few more piles.

On another topic, I’m starting footwork on the issue of the Christmas decorations I mentioned here. I’ve already thought of finding a nursing home that could use them. And someone I know had a flood in their home and it wiped out their Christmas decorations, so I’ll share some with them. We don’t get the Christmas decorations out until Thanksgiving is over, so I’ve still got some time.

You may have noticed that I’ve slowed down posting frequency. I’m going to take my own advice. I’m simplifying a bit by posting twice a week until the New Year. Have a great weekend!