A Furry Diversion

For many years, we had three cats. When they each eventually set off for the big catnip patch in the sky, we decided to own only one cat at a time. Our current cat, Tara, is very sweet but has psychological problems so a second cat has never been on the table. Disembowelment would be a real possibility if we got another cat.


Sweet, cute and perfectly willing to bring the crazy.

Getting another dog is the most un-simple thing we could have done right now, but that’s what we did. We’d talked about waiting till the fall, but I’d been looking at the site for our local shelter and saw this sweet girl. Her name is Pixie. I went to meet her first and then we all spent some time with her during this past week, and felt she was meant to be with us.



We brought her home yesterday. It felt a little like having a baby in the house again. Our house is a split level, and Pixie has some mobility issues with her back legs so the stairs are a concern. We spent a lot of time putting up gates and trying to acclimate her since she was a little skittish.

Tara showed her displeasure by making sure we saw her use the living room carpet as a litter box. She seems better today though. Our other dog, Oliver, is adjusting well.



So as far as simplicity goes, I’ve earned an F in this marking period. But since Pixie is settling in so nicely I think I’ll be back to my project by tomorrow.


6 Responses to A Furry Diversion

  1. We thought our 18-year-old cat, Smoltzi, would have a ‘catniption’ fit if we ever brought another cat in the home, but when we took in a rescued kitten, Smoltzi got a new lease on life. It took a week or two for the cats to become accustomed to one another, but once they settled down, all was well. Spurred on by the spark of energy the new cat brought, Smoltzi became more playful and almost kitten-like herself. We’re so glad we took in a second cat and wish we hadn’t waited so long!

  2. Congrats on the new member of the family. Pixie is adorable! Last year I was simplifying all areas of my life… and then decided I really wanted to rescue a Yorkie. I went to the shelter and came home with two Chihuahuas. You never know what life has in store for you. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  3. Finding the “simplest” way isn’t always the best way. Good for you for providing that sweet girl a loving home! A little complication in our lives helps us appreciate the simplicity we achieve elsewhere.

  4. Job well done I think! Am so pleased that Pixie has found a wonderful home and people to love her. I think that is the whole idea of decluttering, cleaning stuff out to let in and keep what is truly valuable.

  5. I have a whole blog entry about how my cat pooped INSIDE my bag last Friday. Dude…I almost took them both in to be put down. They are both still alive though.

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