Buying Clothes from ThredUP

In this post, I talked about how I want to reduce the number of clothes that I purchase. I’d even like to try out Project 333 when I return from my summer travel extravaganza. In the meantime, I’m trying to rehab my wardrobe a bit. I’m donating things that I’ve had in bins stored at my mom’s house for years (seriously, I’ve lived away from home for ten years and still have a ridiculous amount of clothing stored there). Also, prior to leaving my little Alaskan village, I made a list of a few clothing items I’d like to replace this summer and take back to the village with me. A lot of my village clothes are old, full of holes, and frankly don’t fit anymore. This led me to want to replace some of the clothing I do have with better quality stuff, so that in the long-term I don’t have to buy nearly as much. This point in my thought process is where ThredUP comes in.

For those who don’t know, ThredUP is an online consignment shop. I knew when I traveled this summer that I was going to need a few new warm weather outfits. My husbands family lives in the south where it is 100+ and humid ALL SUMMER, and here I am not even owning a pair of shorts or a tank top. So, I needed to get a few things fast. I had a friend recommend I check out ThredUP and thus I decided to do a little shopping.

The website has a ton of options. I narrowed it down to more high-quality, outdoor clothing brands (Patagonia, Toad&Co., etc) because those things tend to hold up better for me and can serve the dual purpose of being work clothes and outdoor adventure clothes. ThredUP had a relatively small amount of items from the brands I tend to like, but the things they did have were all listed as being in “excellent condition.”

The items I ordered only cost me about $35 and were from good brands. All were in great shape when they arrived and I was very happy with my order. I ended up with a romper that I could use to dress-up with heels for going out or dress down with a swimsuit and sandals, a big comfy cardigan that can work in all seasons, and a black skirt that I can wear with bare legs this summer or leggings this winter/fall.

I did have a few qualms with my order though. For starters, they sent these three items in two different packages, which seemed like a waste. All three things could have easily fit in one box. Then, when I opened each package, they were full of random papers. I understand the need to include the receipt (although couldn’t that be paperless too?), but both packages also had style guides, outfit cards, and note from the CEO. It was a little excessively wasteful. I wish there was a way to say, “please don’t send me garbage!” I did really like my items, and I appreciate that they are thrifted, but I would like to avoid the waste in the future.

Have any of you used ThredUP before? What were your thoughts?