Deflect! Deflect!

We had lunch with my brother, my niece and my dad. My brother is relocating with his family to another city and said, “Hey, do you want some tools? I don’t want to move them.”

Before Stephen could take a breath, I was shaking my head. “No. Thanks. Um, we’re simplifying. Trying to get rid of stuff. Not allow more in.”

Stephen stared at me. He opened his mouth. Then shut it.

My brother added, “Well, if you keep yours and take mine, that’d be like adding to your assets.”

He was semi-joking. I was cringing. Have you seen our garage? We can’t park the cars in it.

Fortunately, Stephen is a smart man. He declined.

Instead, my brother and niece came over to our house after lunch and we sent him on his way carrying three bags of clothes The Girl had outgrown.


Bridges: 1, Crap: 0.

5 Responses to Deflect! Deflect!

  1. Well done! It’s tough to start changing habits, especially when someone is offering you stuff for free! Your first ‘test’ and you passed with flying colours 🙂

  2. I am still a sucker for free sometimes. My mom definitely is… I have Redbook showing up every month, and I never even read it, but my mom signed me up for a free year. Sigh.

  3. I just found this blog and have spent all day reading the past entries from Kerry and am excited to follow you as your family embarks on this. My husband and I have talked about downsizing repeatedly and have each time we’ve moved, yet it seems that we still have too much ‘stuff’. We definitely need to make a concentrated effort.

  4. I found this blog last night and I was laughing so hard. I had my husband read the ones about finding all the clowns in the thrift stores. My husband definitely loves to get things for free since he brings home a free t-shirt from work every month, and then when his co-worker cleaned out his old computer technology stuff Brian gladly took it off his hands. He is riding around with it in his car since I just cleaned out the garage and won’t let him throw it on the shelves to gather dust.

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