Extra Help…or Extra Credit?

Hi! This is Tracy and I’m dropping in for a little while, because blogging here has been a great way for me to focus on a goal.DisneyToPrint

In 2015 I was the fourth person to take over The Simple Year blog.I’d left a long teaching career a few years before, but still had an educator’s brain, so I used an educator’s approach to try and streamline my life and my home. I classified the chaos and got started.

Over the next year, I documented my successes, my failures, and took photos of the many boxes and bags I donated.  When I handed the blog over to Trisha and her zero waste project, I’d made some notable changes, and I learned a lot. Identifying and giving away things we didn’t need probably got most of my energy relative to my other goals, because it felt like the most pressing need. Even though the excess came out of the house, I was the one feeling lighter.

Since then, I’ve continued to periodically sort through closets and drawers and the garage, which remains a shitshow. There’s no other word for it. So that’ll be a focus. Again. And I’m back to struggling with family meals. What’s that expression about the more things change, the more they stay the same? Maybe familiar issues are preferable to new ones, though I have some of those too!

My plan is to write on Monday and Friday, and if I come across any useful or interesting reading, I’ll share links on Wednesday. It’s great to be back.

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  2. Welcome back, Tracy! Looking forward to your updates. We are also trying to come out of our “food rut” (we are just fatigued doing meal planning on top of everything else).

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