I’m Sorry If I’m Boring You

Holy hell, I’M STILL WORKING ON THE CRAP IN MY MASTER BEDROOM. I’m so tired of that stuff. I’ve pretty much convinced myself that you all are going to quit reading because you are bored out of your skulls. Because, really Kandice? Still working on that stuff?

But, I’mthisclose to being done with it. So Yay!

This is the office box. As in the office box that used to be in my office downtown. From November 2012. Let’s let that sink in. Because, the shame. Of that box still existing after a year and a half.


Fortunately, it didn’t take long to identify the piles of paper that could be recycled:


A few items went to the trash. Most of the paper remaining is resource material I need to keep. Right now I’m thinking that I will simply scan it all and store it electronically. I say that, but I know with absolute certainty that I won’t do it. But it sounds good.

Because everyone needs hair ties and a Christmas gift bag in their desk drawer.

Because everyone needs hair ties and a Christmas gift bag in their desk drawer.

The Black’s Law Dictionary? It’s more sentimental than anything. I mean, it still has my maiden name written on the inside front cover. From when I was a fearless 21-year-old first year law student. I probably shouldn’t keep it. But for now I’m going to. At least it’s pretty. Of course, I don’t have a bookcase to put it on, but that’s a different issue altogether.

I mean, we all have stuff we keep for random sentimental reasons, right?

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  1. I moved eight months ago and am feeling guilty about the massive amount of unpacked boxes in the basement. Having left my teaching career, I also keep procrastinating about what to do with all of the materials (including over 1,500 children’s books). I’m in that “it’s too overwhelming” mode, so I just don’t venture downstairs. I actually do appreciate reading about the challenging process of getting organized.

    • That is one epic library of children’s books! So many ideas of what you could do with that! I am giddy just thinking about it. I. Love. Books.

  2. Yes–I still have my Black’s(blue cover) even though I’m not sentimental and throw everything else out and haven’t cracked it in 25 years

  3. Not boring at all. There are only so many rooms and you have to take the time to work through them all :).

    I can’t remember if you’ve mentioned something like this before, but based on your statement about scanning the papers you think you would like to keep for reference, have you considered outsourcing it? I know you have a challenge about not outsourcing housework etc. and I’m not sure how this would apply. There is a company I’m familiar with who reportedly does a great job and employes developmentally delayed adults. http://www.challengeimaging.com/ <– that's the link if you think you might find it valuable. You'd have to look into it more, but I would imagine you would send them all your stuff, they scan it and send you back an disc or jump drive? along with your originals. That way, you could check to make sure they were all recorded electronically before you recycled them.

    My opinion, entirely unsolicited, is that while it's great not to outsource too much of your life where it puts you out of touch (like you've said with the housecleaning), there is always value in using other people's strengths. One of this company's strengths is managing these types of projects. Whereas realistically, you maybe you don't even have the right equipment (multi-page scanner) etc. or your strength would be in organizing it electronically once you had it in that form. I would wager that company is pretty cost competitive (I'm sure there are a lot of companies out there that provide this type of work – I've always been drawn to this one because of the "feel-good" aspect) because they get other grants and don't rely fully on the job revenue to support themselves as an organization. Anyway, just a thought :).

    • I should outsource it. And thanks for your support! I should put all of the “to digitize” stuff in one spot and then address it when I can. Because it’s not just work related papers. It’s also pictures and art work from when my kids were small.

  4. A box existing after a year and a half?! That is nothing compared to the age of some of my stuff still in boxes. Oh to get through it all… one day! I think you are doing a great job and I love reading about it.

  5. I am so glad that I am not the only one doing this. I feel like I do nothing but sort, clean and purge right now. We have made it through some major areas of the house, sold lots of things and put the cash in a jar. I am just working up to the kitchen and hope it isn’t too painful or takes too long. Funny the things we keep just because, it is like we are simply saving them for an appropriate amount of time before we can throw them out.

  6. Love to read about your great progress! Dragging it out ultimately helps us all to stay motivated for longer so, “stop being so hard on yourself” πŸ™‚ I have been so ruthless and the other day I came across Eggies! “Eggies, what was I thinking?” It was obviously a pipe dream or me in an alternate universe.

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