Positive Thoughts

Ever have one of those days that if you were a character in the comics you would totally have a rain cloud following you around and maybe a black scribble in a thought bubble above your head?

Well, I was having one of those days last week.  I was spending more time dwelling on my life’s imperfections and minor hardships than its joys.  Hey, who doesn’t occasionally wallow in self-pity?

Then I saw this flier posted at my kid’s school offering free positive thoughts.  (It’s funny how I found this on a day I could use it)


I took "Consider how very fortunate you are.", and I am, I need to remember that.

I took “Consider how very fortunate you are.”, and I am.  I need to remember that.

A tiny thing that made the raincloud disappear.  As I pocketed the affirmation, I thought, “I am so totally stealing this idea.”

But then I remembered, I have no graphic design skills.  Undaunted, I searched the web with the words, “positive thought template”.

And, then a Google miracle occurred.  I FOUND IT.  In all of the vastness of the web, I found the exact poster provided by a nice lady named Lara at Kind Over Matter.  (click on the link and use her standard one for FREE or she will customize one for a fee).

My kids and I printed out several and put them up in two coffee shops, the local library and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (because EVERYONE needs a pick-me-up there).

It was pretty simple and we have talked about who may have taken the slips of paper several times.  It was a nice lesson for all of us.


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