Project 333: Winter

I’m jumping the gun just a little bit on my Project 333 winter capsule, as it’s supposed to run from Jan. 1 to March 30, but I am a firm believer in following my gut. If I find I’m resisting doing something, there’s usually a reason. Ditto if I really want to do something.

I really wanted to put together my winter wardrobe. So I did.

Part of this is because my work situation has changed a smidge since my last go-around. Oh, I have the same job, they’ve just moved our offices and we’ve been having some heating issues. I’ve even stooped so low as to steal borrow our 84-year-old archivist’s space heater (I promise I put it back when she’s there). My coat doubles as a blanket. I could spontaneously enter a sumo wrestling contest and not have to suit up, that’s the level of layering we’re talking about.

Goodbye, items I don't need anymore. (Don't worry, they're just going into my wardrobe for next season.)

Goodbye, items I don’t need anymore. (Don’t worry, they’re just going into my wardrobe for next season.)

Well, eventually the heating issue has to get sorted out, right?


I find it much easier to come up with winter and summer wardrobes than spring and fall — maybe because the weather isn’t apt to change as much. (Our springs and falls are all over the place.) I did my usual thing of taking out everything from the closet and wardrobe and then immediately putting back what I knew I’d need. Pieces I wasn’t sure about went to the side.

There were a couple of items that I didn’t even know I had in there — like a pretty black t-shirt — and a few that I didn’t wear even one time — like a gorgeous grey skirt I inherited from my friend Mara that just hits me wrong on my legs. Ah, well.

There’s always a few things I’m tired of and don’t want to wear anymore — a peasant top, an orange scarf — and at least one that I love but am not sure how to wear — this time, it’s my rummage sale vintage white corduroy jacket. This thing fits awesome. I just don’t know what to wear with it so I haven’t worn it at all. Seriously — can I put something darker underneath? Here’s what it looks like:

Figure 1: help me style this thing.

Figure 1: help me style this thing.

Anyway, I’m at 32 items right now, although I’m not counting that white jacket just yet … and I’m tempted to add a regular pair of shoes in case the snow ever melts.

Items in my wardrobe are as follows:

Shoes (2): Ankle boots, knee-high boots, both black

Cardigans and jackets (5): Black, grey and navy cardis, my beloved beige jacket, and a denim jacket

Dresses (4): My gorgeous navy fancy dress (well, something might come up!), two long-sleeve t-shirt type dresses (black and grey), and a short sleeve black t-shirt dress with forest green sleeves (I’ve been layering sweaters on top recently)

Skirts (3): Blue and yellow maxi (we’ll see if I actually wear it, I’m just thinking it’d be warm), beige and black, and navy and black

Items that made the cut.

Items that made the cut. I’m not really crazy with color or patterns, as you can see.

Sweaters and sweatshirts (5): Black turtleneck, light blue turtleneck, maroon pullover, black and grey stripe, navy sweatshirt

Pants and leggings (4): Jeans, black jeans, multi-colored leggings and plain ol’ black (I do not wear leggings as pants — strictly under my dresses and skirts — but I’m counting them anyway)

Long-sleeve t-shirts (4): Black, beige and navy solids, grey Santa Clara U (my only logo-ware … I usually just don’t)

Scarves (3): Blue stripe, grey, and black

Other (2): Navy and white messenger bag, black coat

In a month or so I should really go back through and see if there’s anything I’m not wearing … and take it out. It seems counterintuitive, but the fewer items I have in my closet, the more I have to wear.

Anyone else on the P333 bandwagon, or prepared to give it a go this term?

Next up: In true Trisha fashion, I have managed to put off organizing gifts for my office … but with a Friday deadline, that needs to happen ASAP.

12 Responses to Project 333: Winter

  1. I don’t do P333 but I think about it from time to time. It seems like more work, but I had a tiny wardrobe this summer, and loved it.

    I did a pinterest search on “white jacket” and there were lots of women wearing white jackets (duh!). The ones I saw had dark t-shirt looking shirts on under. Pinterest is where I always go for clothing advice.

    • Why didn’t I think of Pinterest?!

      I think my small wardrobe is less work. Well, maybe not initially, when I’m trying to figure out what I’ll be wearing for the next three months, but after that.

  2. I’ve considered a capsule wardrobe, but one thing always stops me: if I have clothing appropriate for a certain season, but put it away and don’t wear it because it isn’t in my capsule, isn’t that wasteful? If I would wear it otherwise? I’d be curious to hear others’ thoughts and experiences on this!

    • I’m a minimalist anyway, so I don’t have a ton of items that are “extras” for any given season. Most of what is stored in my wardrobe right now is for warmer weather. It helps me not have to see everything I own all at once.

      But maybe if I had a larger wardrobe to begin with, I’d feel like that. Interesting point.

      • That makes sense. I think I’m responding to certain videos I’ve seen about capsule wardrobes where the person has twice as many seasonal clothes as they’re actually wearing during a given season, so half of the weather-appropriate clothing isn’t even being worn. Almost like their actual clothing collection is really a big shop from which they chose a small wardrobe each season. That’s what seemed wasteful to me. But if you’re not storing away a ton of stuff except what’s out of season, that makes more sense.

  3. I’d do the white jacket with jeans and a maroon shirt (is pullover a sweater?, might work).

    I can’t get down to 33 pieces because it’s cold here, with the layering I sometimes have to wear 3 shirts (T, button down, sweater). And I have safety regulations on my work clothing.

    • Geeka! I just tried this (yes, a pullover is a sweater) and it looks great! Totally wearing this today! 🙂 This is why I need a group to help me — I’d never have put that together and I’ve been looking at those same items for months.

      Oh, wow, yeah, if you have to wear that much clothing, it might be hard to get to 33 — here in the Pacific Northwest we’re pretty mild. We’re usually above freezing, at least. Definitely understand!

    • I have black and light blue turtlenecks that are thin — I’m going to try both. I’m excited particularly about the light blue one. I’d not have thought of that. Thanks!

    • My winter capsule is low on the pattern front, but I do have a scarf that might work … I’m going to try that! Thanks!

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