We got home from camping yesterday afternoon. It felt great, even though we had a mountain of laundry and all the supplies to put away. I’ve learned that unpacking immediately after arriving home is really important, otherwise three weeks later I find myself looking for a shirt that’s still in my travel bag. We camped last year, and I wasn’t very careful about putting the camping equipment away when we got home. Last week I spent several minutes steeped in aggravation, trying to find everything we needed. Yesterday I put all the camping supplies into one of the totes I’d emptied during my Christmas decoration overhaul so I’ll avoid that stress next year.


My little camper

To be honest, I don’t mind unpacking and dealing with all the stuff. I’m so glad to be home again, with electricity and indoor plumbing. I get to make my usual nocturnal trip to the bathroom without needing shoes, and flashlight and don’t have to worry about bears and serial killers.

Lately I feel I’ve become very scattered in my recent approach to my project. I’ve been happy with my 30-day challenge and I’ve gotten rid of a good amount of useless items. But I’m also less far along than I hoped I’d be at this point.Wednesday will be July 1, the halfway mark in the year. And even though I only officially started my project in mid-February, I still started working in January which makes me feel even more behind.

Starting tomorrow I’m going to have about 48 hours entirely to myself. Bob and Emma are going to visit his mom, and since I have to work I’m staying home. The idea of being alone in the house is one that tickles me to my toes. I think about lounging on the couch, alternating between Netflix and reading, leaving dishes in the sink (ok, I do that anyway) and taking naps.

But I also have trouble resisting my urge to clean, organize and purge when I’m home alone for a long time. I feel an energy I never feel when I’m here with Bob and Emma. I’ve had the house to myself a few times in the past, and I always spend the majority of the time tackling clutter and working on bigger projects. In the past I’ve emptied out the attic, which is definitely a possibility. But because I also have to work, I’m thinking about a more medium-sized project.

So that’s where I am right now. I’ve really deviated from my plan, so on Wednesday I’ll share my strategy for getting back on track, along with the details from the mystery project I’m going to deal with tomorrow and Wednesday. I’m not intentionally being vague- as of now my plans for the next couple days are even a mystery to me!


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