Simple Pleasures

“I feel good.  I feel free. I feel fine just being me.
I feel good today.  Oh so good today.”
– Jon Batiste & The Stay Human Band

It’s been a quiet week enriched with some very small, simple pleasures.

Earlier in the week, I went to Walgreen’s to pick up a script and of course get some snacks for the family.  While in line, the guy in front of me didn’t have enough cash to pay for everything he had picked up.  After looking around – he said “put that back” and pointed to a Hershey chocolate bar.  Well, considering I was buying 4 chocolate bars for my family there was no way I was going to watch him put back the best of his cash out items!  I quickly offered to buy the chocolate bar and he was really appreciative!  Score – chocolate for everyone and a warm, fuzzy “I did good” feeling for me!


Yummy Kind Act!

Fast forward a few days and I was grabbing a quick dinner at Qdoba.  I had a coupon for a free entree so I was totally excited that it would only cost me a $1.50 for dinner.  Got up to the register to cash out and was told everything was covered – including the drink!  The very nice guy behind the counter said “he believes a free meal means EVERYTHING is free” and he gave me the drink no charge!  I’m loving this kindness experiment! 🙂

Finally, on Friday I was meeting up with a lady (Anna) to do an item exchange.  I have a small resale business (and a fairly large shopping problem lol) and often meet up with other women in town to either pick up or drop off items.  When I got to the designated location, there was a minivan rockin’ some seriously loud Jake and the Never Land Pirate’s tune-age – and I figured it MUST be Anna. I walked over and introduced myself – but come to find out she was there to meet Anna as well .  Go figure – we’re all efficient with our resale pick up and drop offs.  The two of us hung out and waited a good 10 minutes for Anna to show up – and despite text messages that she was “there” (nope, not there) we finally realized she went to another location and was waiting at a different store about half a mile away.  Since my kiddos were being watched by my girlfriend at the pool and I couldn’t wait any longer, the other Mom – being VERY kind and generous – offered to pay for my item and then take it when she went over to meet Anna.

Wow – talk about conscious kindness!  She totally took a chance by buying my item.  While I’ve always had great luck with my exchanges, there is always the risk that the buyer won’t show OR decide last minute they don’t want what you are selling.   Since we didn’t exchange any more then first names, it would have been pretty difficult for her to find me and recoup her $10 should Anna back out at the last minute.

Overall, it was a great little week of reaping the rewards of living a kind life.  Here is a little video clip that really sums up how I’m feeling lately.  Hope you enjoy and keep the kindness flowing!

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  1. The guy behind the counter may have being kind to you by giving you a free drink but he was stealing from his employer.

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