Summer Slump

It’s been really hard for me to get anything done the last few days. We’ve had a lot of very warm weather lately, and we only have a bedroom air conditioner. Bob and I talk about getting central air every year, but we have a lot of large shady trees and it seems like each summer we only have a week or two of hot humidity.

This was that week. It was hot in the house and hotter in the attic. I did manage to get rid of several bags and boxes on Tuesday, and forgot to take a photo.

Speaking of air conditioning, the prior owners of our house left four window units in the garage. Bob and I each brought one from our pre-marriage apartments. We could use one more in our living room, but Bob is convinced that we’ll blow the electric. I let him win because it would really suck to be wrong about this.

So we had five air conditioners sitting in the garage. Confession time: there is a lot of crap on top of them so I didn’t really realize till a few days ago how many were out there. Anyway someone on Facebook was in serious need of an air conditioner. I offered her two that I knew worked, and Bob and I dropped them off. There are two nice dents in the garage now. Two of the three remaining probably do not work, and I felt motivated to look into how to get rid of them. And it’s complicated. I can’t take them to our e-waste because of the freon. So I need to find someone to remove the freon and specially tag them, and then I can put them out for bulk pickup. I’ve added it to the list.

Even though I promised myself to do more and think less, I realized the other day that my ‘stuff’ problem has greatly improved. There is more space in the garage and more space in the attic, and in my closet. But my house is not any less of a mess. Every flat surface seems to accumulate stuff, and I don’t know how to stop it. I gave Emma a drawer in our new storage unit and she’s been really good about putting her art supplies away, but to be honest it hasn’t made a big difference. Funny thing is, the stuff defies classification. I just took this photo, and it’s greatly improved from earlier today.


It’s kind of like a hidden object game.

I might try to create a gadget that issues an electric shock to anyone who tries to put something down on a flat surface like a table or bookshelf.

I love summer, but I’m finding it really hard to be in a routine. This is the first summer I’ve worked in ten years, and even though I love my job, I’m flying by the seat of my pants the rest of the time. Bob took Emma to a water park in a neighboring town and I anticipated having a few hours in the afternoon to do some cleaning and organizing. But they came home about an hour after I did, and so she and I spent the afternoon together and my plans got derailed. I was happy to be with her but I also decided it’s a waste of time to really organize a routine because it would change when she goes back to school in a month. And by the time she went to bed I was too tired to do anything worth writing about.

And even though I thought I couldn’t possible donate any more books, I think I am going to give it another go. Books seem to end up all over the place. I did make a specific home for our library books which I think will be helpful.

On Monday I’ll be posting my thoughts about this month’s book, Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Someone mailed a copy of Eat That Frog to one of the attorneys in my office. I skimmed through it and am going to read it now. It looks interesting and I’ll be curious to hear your take on it. I have to say that you continue to motivate me as I’m learning from you that decluttering is not simply a weekend project for me. I need more time to clear things out and decide where to donate and who might enjoy some of our child items that my youngest is no longer interested in. I’m finding that I’m much more peaceful when I know where something is already and don’t have to dig around for it. Anyway, keep plugging along and I pray it cools off for you soon! It was 108 here today and will be hot all weekend in Walla Walla, WA!

  2. Oh, Tracy, the flat surfaces…! I have a new rule for the flat surfaces. NOTHING remains on them by ANYONE before the evening is over. WITH the exception of something of a return of something leaving the house. And then THAT goes out to the car the next trip out to the car. And I’m happy to say our “flat surface problem” has been solved! The rule I have to aggressively enforce in our home is when you are finished with it, immediately put it away. My husband gets distracted quite easily, which he freely admits, so I keep on him, showing respect, of course. Our almost 8 year old daughter takes after him, and I have to be the same way with her. And since we’ve been getting rid of box after box of possessions, there is, quite naturally, less and less “stuff” to leave laying on flat surfaces! May I make a suggestion? When it is really hot and you just don’t have the physical energy to tackle more of the purging, if you vehicle is in more of a shady area, or is no hotter than sitting out in your yard/garden would be, take the vacuum cleaner out, and vacuum out your car, and dust it. That way, you will still have the satisfaction of a job well done, and you still get to enjoy the outdoors! There now, my two cents’ worth of suggestions, at no charge, lol!

  3. Have you checked Earth911 for places to recycle your old air conditioners? I’ve had a lot of luck with them out here, when I’m trying to get rid of some hard-to-recycle item.

    Good luck with the heat and humidity. It’s humid out here in San Diego, which almost never happens, and I’m losing my will to work. Hoping to get a load of laundry hung up today, but it’s too hot to go outside…

  4. You may not see it yourself but your posts reveal that you have made an impact in your home, and also that you have changed your mindset. You are on the way to success and a well organized home and life. Keep on posting!

  5. Tracy, have you thought of having an attic fan installed in your house or would that also overload the circuits? I have central air in my house but also a fan in the attic and I find that really helps suck the hot air out of the upstairs and keep it cooler. It’s been working hard recently. A couple of weeks ago the fan ran all night and didn’t switch off until 5am.

    Your idea of an electric shock gadget for flat surfaces gave me a good laugh.

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