The Girl’s Room: Before and After

So, the Girl inherited the packrat gene. And it has been a looooong process with her. But, I’m so incredibly proud of her. Like both of her parents, now when she looks at items, she is conscious of whether she uses it and whether it should be donated or recycled.


Just like everyone else, her room isn’t finished yet. Kristen is currently painting her headboard a bright turquoise color and we need to hang floating shelves and a mirror above her dressing table.


Her room is still a bit cluttered, but: (1) it’s mostly because the shelves haven’t been installed yet (all of her trophies and knick knacks will go there; and (2) we’re still working on it.


Are you ready for the before? Hold on:


You couldn’t see the floor. At all. Anywhere. Even when we cleaned it up, it would get back to this condition and we’d all be overwhelmed. So. Much. Stuff.


We are all working on A Place For Everything and Everything In Its Place. But it’s a process. And so, we continue.