First Donation of 2014

New Year. More Donations.

As we started taking down the Christmas decorations, we discovered more stuff that we forgot to donate before the holiday. Whoops.


A box of outdoor lights, a box of unopened tree ornaments, an unopened mini-tree and assorted other odds and ends. Gone. I wish I could say the same about the items we are choosing to keep. I mean gone, as in put away. Our fireplace mantle is back to normal, our tree is taken down and our entry hall dresser is empty. But, the dining room table is still cluttered with ornaments that have not yet been boxed up.

It’s only January 7th. That’s not as bad as the people who still have their outside Christmas lights still up in July, right?┬áMeh. *shrugs*

Stephen also put quite a few clothing items in the donation spot and when I did laundry I set aside some clothes the Boy had outgrown, so off they went to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Thank you, LLS!


All of those clothes filled a giant trash bag. It felt good to get more stuff out of the house.

Tomorrow I’m having another back procedure done. This one is diagnostic, as opposed to one for treatment. Wish me luck.

Also, thank you to those who continue to ask about and pray for my friend. She was moved to inpatient hospice care. Her husband says she is at peace and he just doesn’t want her to be in pain any more. She will soon be leaving us physically, but I have no doubt that she will continue to be a guardian angel to many. Just in a different form.

Have an amazing week, friends. Live life to the fullest.