The End of the Kitchen and Breakfast Room Tour

If you need to catch up, go here, here and here for the beginning of the kitchen and breakfast room tour. Wrapping up, we’re in the breakfast room. Just to refresh your memory, it’s the room with the table:


Someone asked if we had empty cabinet space or if they were all full. The answer? We’ve got empty space. Some of the spaces aren’t empty right this second, but will be. I’ll tell you when I get there which is which.

Looking at the built-ins, from top to bottom and from left to right:


These are our everyday dishes. Not that exciting, just plates (small, medium and large), bowls, glasses, cups, coffee mugs, and water bottles. There’s one thermos up top. That’s it.

In the middle are cookbooks and a few serving dishes:


The nesting dolls are from Stephen’s parents when they went to Russia and the clock is from my parents when they went to Austria. Sometimes when I’m feeling fancy, I’ll drink iced tea out of the cute drinking glasses. I had a whole lot more cookbooks than this, but these are the ones I chose to keep. I will be keeping my eyes on them though. If I don’t use them, they’re outta here.

Now, the far right upper cabinet:


Cookware, mixing bowls, serving bowls and some wine glasses. We definitely don’t use all of those wine glasses and I’ve tried to sell some of them without much success. I’ll probably still keep trying.

Now, onto the drawers:


Cloth napkins on the left, placemats on the right.

The middle drawers:


The one on the left is another junk-ish drawer and the right are two little netbooks we need to sell or donate. The last set of drawers contain a very old laptop I need to wipe clean and sell/donate/recycle and the right is another laptop I need to fix/sell/donate.


Now, finally, the lower cabinets:


There are a few serving pieces, a change jar, an empty box for a keyboard, some herbal foot soak and a gift I need to return to the store.


This middle section has some school supplies the kids use for homework and lids to a serving piece in the upper middle cabinet.

Finally, this:


We don’t drink soft drinks as a general rule, but have some on hand for guests. The coconut water is for making homemade smoothies and/or for Stephen’s lunch. The vitamin water and juice boxes are for the kids’ lunches. The little basket has all the pictures and magnets that used to clutter up our refrigerator. They’re just going to hang out there until I get the time to go through them.

All in all, pretty streamlined, I think. I still have some items that are temporarily hanging out here until I can address them. But very little that isn’t used regularly.

So, that’s it. That’s our Kitchen and Breakfast Room After.

Happy Hump Day!