Reader Mail Bag

I’m setting this up to publish while I am recovering from my back procedure. So, if I don’t respond to comments right away, you’ll know why.

I actually got a couple of questions from readers and thought I’d throw them out there for discussion. If you have an idea or suggestion, please leave it in the comments. Thanks!

1.  Recycling Electronics.

Question: I wanted to see if you found an Eco-friendly solution to getting rid of outdated electronics. In our purge of my office closet I have two full computers and two large bulky external hard drives and one laptop to get rid of.

Kandice: Please leave your suggestions for what to do with outdated electronics. Recycle? Where? What do you do about the private information stored on the devices?

2.  Overcoming Decluttering Fatigue.

Question: I decided to start the new year by cleaning out my home office desk. At first it felt great. I was pulling out old papers, throwing out bad pens, trashing school papers from 2009, but then I hit the wall. Suddenly there were no more easy decisions, just hard ones. Now I have piles of stuff I’m not sure what to do with. And now I’m tired and feel like stuffing it all back in the drawers and taking a nap. What do you do to bust through the wall? How do you keep yourself going to project completion after the initial wave of easy decisions are made? Something I’ve always struggled with and would love your insights! Love your blog and happy new year!

Kandice: Here were my initial thoughts and what I responded back with — Don’t stuff it all back in the desk and then ignore it again. With the hard decision stuff you have left, try reversing your thinking when you look at what remains. Start putting the items you can’t live without back into the desk. Whatever is left is what isn’t really necessary. Box it up and put it out of the way, maybe in a closet or the garage. If you remember something specifically in the box you need, get it out of the box. Whatever is left in the box after a designated period of time (6 months, for example), clearly you don’t need it.

Do you all have any other suggestions? Was my idea a good one? I know we’ve all hit that decluttering wall. I totally understand having hard decisions left. Please chime in!