The Exchange

Day 275

Do you ever buy clothing items that are really cute, but then when you actually wear them, they aren’t quite right and do something annoying like gap, ride up or tug uncomfortably on your particular body?   But it’s so cute, and you just bought it and so it hangs—hopefully– in your closet.

And then, if you are like me, you will “find” that article of clothing and wonder to yourself, “Why don’t I ever wear this darling dress?” and then you’ll put it on and remember it pooches out over your hips making you look like a rather tall oompa  loompa, so you hang the dress back up only to repeat the process in six months or so.

Am I the only one?

Recently, I stumbled on an event in my community called Frugalista Clothing Exchange.  I love the concept.   It is a ticketed event in which women are invited to bring 5-10 items of contemporary clothing to exchange.  The advertisement basically asked for quality clothes and that people not try to offload things like mom jeans or bathing suits.  There was a little wine tasting event on Friday for the drop off and then on Saturday, the women returned to pick out a like number of NEW TO THEM ITEMS.

They had me at wine tasting.

I actually couldn’t make the Friday night event, so I just popped in on Saturday to check out the exchange.  I was a bit put off by the fifth grade science fair project sign on the outside of the building.



But once again, I learned you can’t always judge.  The event was lovely and the women were all happily making their choices, winning door prizes and enjoying some female bonding.


The organizers also vetted the clothing and did turn some items down.    Although, my best advice for any of these types of events is to arrive early because even 25 minutes after the doors opened, the choices were getting picked through.

When I was writing this, I searched online and noticed this concept seems to be taking hold in many communities.  But, I think it is an easy idea that could be organized among a similar sized group of friends. (maybe a maternity exchange?) or as a fundraiser for your organization.  Personally, I think it would be a much better Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) fundraiser than selling wrapping paper or that cookie dough.