The Deadline Simple Year 4


Monday, Feb 2 is the deadline for The Handoff.  It is an arbitrary date picked primarily because my inbox is crammed with incredible candidates and even though I love reading all of the applications, we do need to get moving along.

If you have a last minute submission, now is the time to throw down.

The first year, I advertised for a replacement blogger, it was a grand experiment.  I didn’t know if anyone was even going to respond.

The Simple Year was a labor of love for me and I’ll admit there was a bit of the selfish wish to keep the momentum going because it was “my baby”.  But, I also want The Simple Year to help others over the long haul and a rotating simple living project conducted by “real people” seemed the best way to do that.

Each year, I will admit I spend some angst ridden nights worrying about a suitable candidate applying.  But, then a couple of “good ones” will trickle in and then suddenly my inbox will be bursting with incredible storytellers with great project ideas.   And, if it’s possible, every year gets better.

Very Simply,


(I’m testing Very Simply out as my new valediction.  What do you think?  Too much? Presumptuous?   I generally write Kind Regards but sometimes I was getting a bit bored with that.)



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