The Dining Room and Entry

Good morning friends –

Today I have for you, the dining room and front entry.  First up is a view into the entry from the south end of the dining room. Which is also the piano room. The piano that NOBODY KNOWS HOW TO PLAY. But it looks pretty. So there’s that.


There might be a stack of mail I need to go through on the dresser in the entry hall. Might. Oh, and the puppy chewed this chair. DON’T TELL MY MOM. We inherited the dining room furniture from my parents when they downsized their home last year. I need to get it fixed. All sneaky like. Before she finds out and flips her freaking lid.

This one is taken from the family room looking into the dining room. Yes, I know the curtain rod is crooked and needs to be fixed. Moving on…

Dining From Family

Just for comparison’s sake, this is the room pre-demo, in case you’re interested:

Dining Room Before 2

Take a look at that curtain rod. STILL CROOKED. A year. That curtain rod has been crooked for a whole year. AT LEAST.

So, here is standing in the entry hall, looking into the dining room:

Dining From Entry

And standing in the den, looking across the dining room through to the entry hall:

Dining From Den

The dresser in the entry hall is full of crap. FULL DISCLOSURE. But, it’s Stephen’s crap, so I can’t do anything about it. I really thought the whole house would be done after a year. Alas, it is not meant to be.

So, the dining room hutch you see?

Dining Hutch

Other than what you see in there through the glass, it’s empty. Those fancy dishes are china we got when we did our wedding registry. 19 years ago. We’ve NEVER USED THOSE DISHES. They are not long for our world. I’ll be doing something with them eventually.

And, the corner opposite the hutch is this cute little empty corner. With one lone chair and a portrait of my sweet girl.

Dining Corner


P.S. I know the table cloth is wrinkled. But I couldn’t generate two sh$@s to summon the energy to iron it. Or rewash it.

So, there you go.

10 Responses to The Dining Room and Entry

  1. I hear ya on the china. We have a china cabinet full of plates, wine glasses, serving dishes and so on.. I think we have used some of them twice in 14 years.

  2. We are in a similar situation with our piano. It came with the husband. Together he and I have several years of piano lessons under our belt and are pretty good piano players. However we play it maybe twice a year! I would get rid of it except for the fact that my nephew has always shown interest in playing it.

    My mother is hoping to move to our town in the next few months and has said she will take the piano so my nephew (now 6 years old) can take lessons and practice on it. We will need to get a broken string fixed and get it tuned after the move but it will be worth it just to get it out of my house!

    • Nothing used to be in the hutch. We inherited it before we put anything in there. I honestly don’t even remember where we put all of the stuff we’ve gotten rid of. It was just EVERYWHERE.

  3. Seems like there is a lot to do, but the potential of the place is just mesmerizing! However, I would prefer to use some brighter furniture because this is a little bit too “heavy” for me, something in the style of the Swedish cottages I saw for example here what would make the space open and bright. By the way, I am sharing your “piano dilemma”. We didn’t use ours for about 7 years when the kids moved out. I would like to sell it but it is probably not that easy since I have no idea about pianos… 🙂

    • Petra- I agree with you on the furniture being heavy. And needing some pops of color to brighten it up. I just haven’t gotten there yet. To be honest, I’m looking forward to a break from it all, even though we still have more to do. 🙁

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