The Post-Holiday Sloth Monster…

…reared its ugly head today. I managed to salvage a little from the day, which is important because I feel like I’m coming down to the wire, with the holidays, the end of the year and the end of my project looming.

Last week I only worked two days, which was a rare treat. I did a lot of cooking on Thursday, and spent some time sorting through stuff in the garage, but I had a fair amount of down time. Yet today it was very hard to get up, and though I had good intentions for the time between getting home from work and taking Emma off the bus, nothing really happened. Instead I sat in front of the tv and wondered if it was possible to use the word ‘couch’ as a verb.

Bob took Emma to dance which left me with a couple hours alone in the house, and I thought about throwing in the towel on productivity for the day. But I decided to at least make an effort, and brought in a couple more boxes of items to sort from the garage. I added a few more things to a second big garbage bag, put a few more things in a donation box and found homes for a few things I wanted to keep.

This box of silverware has been sitting in the garage for a while, I’m ashamed to say. It was in the house, where I tried and failed to display it nicely. When we redid the kitchen I put it in the garage and left it there because I didn’t know where to put the box. silverware

It was passed on from Bob’s mom when we got married, and it’s monogrammed. And I love it, because I love old things. Today I thought about donating my inexpensive everyday silverware in favor of using this silverware. But this set is real silver and needs a good polish, and I assume polishing would be a regular task. I have zero interest in living a Downton Abbey-esque life with high-maintenance utensils, but I also really love this silverware. Now it’s back in the house, where it’ll stay, and I hope to figure out a way to display it.

Anyway, I’m in the middle of a great audio book (The Templar Legacy by Steve Berry) which helped me get moving, and I got a little bit done.

This bag of old folders and school papers has sat on my bedroom floor for months. I finally put it out with the rest of the recycling.

I also started to fill a bag with more clothes- Emma’s school is having a clothing drive which I’d like to donate to. I bought myself 2 new shirts so my goal was to donate at least four- which I surpassed. And I finalized my menu plan for December, which I mostly wrote yesterday.

My goal for this week is to do a little in the garage every day. We also need to do a little rearranging so there’s room for the Christmas tree, which we’re going to get over the weekend.

6 Responses to The Post-Holiday Sloth Monster…

  1. Hi there….please do not wash your Good silverware in the dishwasher. You should not have to polish it too often as long as you have a good daily dish WIPER. It shines when rubbed each time it is use.

    It must be washed by hand…but does not take long to do.

  2. I gave my mother’s silver (from 1949) to my daughter – it is their everyday silver and works just fine – still looks good – if you use it everyday it doesn’t need to be polished.

  3. I wanted to respond…just to tell you not to put it in the dishwasher! I guess I’m late to that party. If you do choose to use it, and do want to polish it, and if it is SOLID not PLATE, you can do chemistry to polish it easily. Put a piece of aluminum foil in a large-enough pot of boiling water, then add a handful of baking soda. Use an alligator clip on a wire (is there a name for that?) from the foil to the thing you’re polishing, then dip it into the water, and wah-lah. Shiny silver.

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