The Power of Green Tea

Day 313

There was a time, not long ago, that I thought green tea was only consumed by hipsters trying to impress a first date or people on  temporary “health kicks” between rehab visits.    I drank coffee, not flavored coffee, but bold blends made with filtered water and poured into perfectly shaped enormous hand thrown mugs.

But about four years ago, coffee suddenly started to cause me heartache, and by heartache, I really mean heartburn.  It was either medication or I had to find a suitable caffeine alternative.

So now I drink a pot of green tea every morning.  Not only does it provide me with caffeine and powerful anti-oxidants, it has the added benefit of making me sound a like a pompous tool every time I order it in public.  It probably doesn’t help matters that I always ask how long they steep it.  In my defense, it does become bitter swill past the four minute mark.

It has been a difficult week in the kitchen.  First, we lost the spatula I last posted about.  Then, my little teapot, short and stout, now has no handle, just a spout. (feel free to sing that last line)


photo(203)The handle gave way one precaffeinated morning  leaving me in a desperate situation, so I rummaged through my cabinets and found  two thermoses to make my tea.  This solution was fine in a pinch, but not going to be good for the long term, since  those THERMOSES ARE DECEPTIVELY SMALL.  I barely got one cuppa.

For those of you wondering why I can’t just make my tea in a mug with a single tea bag like the bulk of Americans, the answer is–I JUST CAN’T.  It’s not right. It’s like the difference between drinking wine out of gorgeous piece of stemware or an Ikea juice glass.  It’s doable, but not enjoyable.

So, my Simple Year solution was not to go and buy a new (or even used) teapot.

I fixed it.

I think.

I superglued the handle.  And subsequently the pot to the counter, but I was able to pry it up before too much damage occurred.

By the way, every time I use superglue, I get a visual image from the commercial aired during my childhood featuring a man in a hard hat supergluing himself to a steel girder.  This, I think, is a true testament to the power of advertising; since somehow I have the mental capacity to remember an advert from 1980, yet can’t recall the names of books I JUST FINISHED READING.

So, I’m pretty pleased;  even though my English coworker whose accent alone makes him an expert in all things tea and tea related in my opinion thinks it won’t hold.

Maybe he hasn’t seen that commercial.





6 Responses to The Power of Green Tea

  1. I LOVE this post! It has made me smile. I am English, and think a cup of tea can help with most problems! I love that you glued the pot to the table-that is the sort of thing I would do too, which is why hubby is chief fixer in our house… Hope the glue holds..!

  2. Just tell me this….did you have to buy a new thingy of superglue to fix the pot? I am really going to be impressed if you say no. The problem I have with the stuff is that it glues itself shut after I use it.

  3. Yes, there is a special glue for ceramics. I had to use some to glue a childhood ceramic Christmas tree back together after my 10 year boy accidentally broke off the top.

  4. Waiting with baited breath to know if it held. I have recently had a few kitchen boo boos*, too. Most notably the handle snapped off my sieve, which I use A LOT. I am working on a solution that also doesn’t involve buying a second hand (or *gasp* new) sieve.

    *NB: I think I might be able to get away with using terms like ‘boo boos’ only because I have a ten month old baby. Forgive me if I’m wrong.

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