This One Is Gonna Hurt

Stuff like this makes me question my sanity. I mean, is this really gonna make my life simpler? Because, I’d beg to differ. I think this is going to make our lives decidedly more difficult.

But, it’s part of the project we set up for ourselves. So, we did it. And will do it. And will live to write about it.

The lawn guy got the boot this week.

I’m dreading this. Because I know I’m going to end up nagging Stephen to mow the lawn. The almost half an acre lawn. Which isn’t fun for anyone. The kids are too young to mow, but not too young to help. So I guess there’s that. I have never mowed a lawn in my life and, honestly, my back prevents me from doing so anyway. So, this one lies squarely on Stephen’s shoulders.

This afternoon this was my internal dialogue, which demonstrates how desperate I feel about it:

Entitled Me: I can’t believe we got rid of the lawn service.

Simple Year Me: But it’s part of the project.

Entitled Me: Yeah, but it’s not fun. It’s more work.

Simple Year Me: *insert crickets chirping*

Entitled Me: What if we cut down to twice a month instead of every week? That’s still be downsizing, right?

Simple Year Me: Don’t be a baby. Just do it.

Entitled Me: I’m not a Nike slogan.

Simple Year Me: Shut up and grow a pair.

Entitled Me: I’m whining.

Simple Year Me: You are.

Entitled Me: Damn.

Simple Year Me: It’s your own fault. You signed up for this project.

We did sign up for this project. And this is part of it. And it stinks. But, I’ve decided, I have no right to complain about it. Stephen can complain about it, but not me.

12 Responses to This One Is Gonna Hurt

  1. I feel your pain! We live on 2 acres and my husband mows and does all of the yard work faithfully — when he was hurt a few years ago we hired a neighborhood kid to do it… and you know what? My husband really MISSED doing the yard. He takes such pride in it, and it’s time to be alone outdoors, which he loves. Maybe Stephen will come to treasure the alone time, too. 🙂

    My mother-in-law (who is now passed away) gave me one piece of advice before we got married. She said: “Never let them know you can mow the lawn!”. ha! Good advice, too.

    I’m having fun reading your blog!

  2. Why don’t you just get rid of the lawn? Tear most of it up and plant native plants that won’t need much water (you’re in Texas, right?). You could have a beautiful landscaped lawn that will need some tending (kids aren’t too young to help) and far less mowing. You could still keep some of the lawn for the kids and dog to run around!

  3. I respect your plan, but I don’t get this one. Couldn’t you get rid of the lawn mower? I agree with your earlier sentiment, isn’t a lawn service simpler? Yes!!!! I remember your struggle over whether or not to have a cleaning lady. I think that’s simpler too. And I don’t suffer with a bad back! But I do work full time, and simplifying to me means that I outsource the good cleaning that this house could use every two weeks. Is the problem that a lawn/cleaning service seems too high end? I’m not sure that it is. Especially before you move. And especially even more when you have some physical limitations.

  4. LOL. You are my favorite alien. 😉 Please, keep on sharing. I’m feeling so truly blessed from simply having less of everything. Love, Helena

  5. I’d second getting rid of the lawn or at least making it smaller. My parents lived on an acre in north Texas (on a hill). They kept the lawn in the back yard and a bit on the entry to the front door. My mother would lay seed every year for Texas wild flowers. It was beautiful – blue bonnets!!! We did live in a rural area without a housing association though. It might be worth having a consultation with a landscape designer. Tell him or her what you need maybe easy to care for, no mowing, place for kids to play and looks good so as not to upset the neighbors. A good one should be able to give you some suggestions and lay out a plan for you to follow over the following growing seasons.

    I liked your inner dialogue…rings a few bells with me!

  6. I’ve always been the mower of lawns, mostly because I do the garden in general (and don’t have a paying job), and here specifically because I wanted the 2 and 1/2 acres, so I deal with the grass.
    I currently have a 2 horsepower grass powered lawnmower set up, till December, which I have to say, is so much easier than either the push mower or the ride on. Not sure if horses would work in your backyard though!

    I second the suggestions for shrinking the lawn somewhat – my 5 year plan ends up with the front paddock and (much smaller) back lawn being the only grassed areas. And a couple of sheep to mow that too, no lawnmower at all. Animals obviously don’t work for everyone, but a month or so of mowing the lawn in various patterns will let you know where you can take pieces out – shady, patchy bits, weird hard to mow corners (anything you need to loop back on 3 times is too hard), or small narrow strips. Depends how long to plan to stay put, and how much you play in the garden.

  7. Is selling your house still on the docket? Small lawn next time!

    We have a huge lawn/yard, and although we love where we’re at, we’re starting to question all the hours it takes to keep the place looking decent. Having a postage-stamp sized yard would make things so much easier…

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  9. Seconding the idea of keeping the lawn service. The real question is: what are you trying to accomplish? More time with family? Less scheduling & hassle? Owning less stuff? In my mind, lawn service is a solution towards living simply. The lawn person owns all the tools and has the skills; you’re providing employment for someone, and you don’t have to spend time doing work you don’t enjoy and aren’t good at, or store bulky machinery that only gets used once a week at most. (Not saying you’re bad at lawn care, just that it’s not your specialty.)

  10. I need to be your neighbor! I LOVE to mow the lawn – the smell of fresh cut grass is my favorite smell (next to baseball glove . . . ahhhhhh). I’d totally mow your lawn for you, for free 🙂 And LOVE that you got your car in the garage. No small accomplishment considering what your garage looked like a few short months ago! Awesome for you 🙂

    PS – I do agree with Emily. All the “stuff” required to keep a lawn, not to mention the time, is a lot if it’s not something you enjoy. And that helping someone else out with employment is always a bonus if you can do it.

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