The Great Virus of 2013 and a Donation

Oh Lawd. The last 72 hours have been horrid.

The Girl started throwing up Sunday night around 10 p.m. and continued to do so until 6 a.m. In between every run to the bathroom, I was cleaning up vomit and starting a new load of laundry.

Until I started throwing up.

Then blur.

Then my fever broke and The Boy started feeling bad.

Then more blur.

My sweet husband worked from home Monday and Tuesday so he could hold the house together. And let me tell you, if he hadn’t, I have no idea what I would have done.

So, sorry for not posting. I’m pretty sure you understand.

But, before the virus descended, I did get something accomplished:


One of my dear friends pours her heart and soul into an amazing nonprofit that works with formerly incarcerated individuals to help them reenter society and reduce recidivism. It’s called Doors and it’s changing lives. They are expanding their offices and these tables will spare them an expense.

Not only did I get an opportunity to help DOORS, but in the process I emptied something out of our house we don’t use or need. And I got to visit with dear, dear friend. Which was, really, a highlight of my weekend.

I am blessed.

And grateful. Especially for Sprite.

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