The thrilling conclusion(-ish) to my search for zero waste makeup

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It’s embarrassing how long it’s taken me to come to a decision on the contents of my makeup drawer. I’ve been talking about it for months and months. (And months.) On one hand, it’s kind of hilarious because I generally make my decisions pretty quickly. On the other, I don’t do well when presented with a lot of choices. (Maybe that’s why I like Project 333 so much?)

I don’t have art for this post so here’s something from @nourishedplanner.

And wow, did I have a lot to sort through.

But time is of the essence these days, what with the project coming to a close, and I decided that enough was enough — I was going to make a decision and I was going to like it.

Based on what I am looking for in a perfect makeup — no loose powders, reusable or recyclable container, ethically made and all-natural — I decided to go with Lush.* Um, online, because we don’t have a location here. But they fit all my criteria. At least as far as I can tell.

I went through my choices for mascara (only one, that was easy), eyeshadow, foundation and lipstick, decided on colors, put things into my virtual shopping cart, and hit the check out button.

And then just sat there looking at the $78 and change price tag. Before adding shipping.

I’m not actually anti-shopping; I just don’t like to. I sat there pondering how expensive zero waste makeup is, the carbon it would take to get it to my doorstep, and whether or not I really needed any of this stuff.

The problem is that I DO need it. I’ve put off buying anything for so long that I’m on the dregs of my mascara and foundation, and my eyeshadow isn’t far behind. And I like makeup. I’m not ready to go without it.

Alright, then, Plan B. I really, desperately need mascara, and this is the only brand I’ve seen (so far, I guess, but I don’t have more research in me) that comes in a glass bottle with a recycled — and recyclable — brush. It only comes in black, which is a downer because I wear brown and I am not a fan of change, but whatever, I’m willing to give it a go, what could happen?

And my pressed powder foundation is on it’s last leg. There’s a reason I switched from liquid to pressed powder, but it’s occurred to me that if I want something in a glass bottle, then liquid it must be. And again, what could happen? It might slide right off my face, but at least the bunnies and the earth will be happy.

Well, anyway, that’s all just to say that I recently purchased some mascara and foundation from Lush and it should be here in five to 12 business days. We’ll see how it goes.

*THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT! I haven’t even received my stuff yet, I have no idea how it works. Don’t buy anything because of me! And also, heck yeah I bought this myself.

Bonus Story:

Last week was just one of those weeks — you know, where everything is so terrible you just have to laugh — but Thursday really took the cake. Eric and I were supposed to meet at a repair shop at 7:20 a.m. sharp so the “check engine” light in my car would go away. I was halfway to town before I realized in my rush to leave the house, I’d grabbed my jar of backup coffee … but had left my real coffee at home.

And there was no time to turn back.

So I breathed in and breathed out and then just cried. Okay, fine, I didn’t cry, but I wanted to.

My first thought was, Can I justify getting coffee in a takeout cup? Should I just buy another reusable mug? My second thought was, Walker, you really need to think outside the box.

The facts: A) I had a jar of backup (albeit decaf) coffee. 2) I have a Ron Swanson mug at work. C) I could decant my backup coffee into said mug and then go get some real coffee in the jar.

So that’s exactly what I did. (Don’t worry, the backup coffee did not get wasted.) The kids behind the counter didn’t even blink when I handed over the jar.

Crisis averted!

P.S. When I walked into the office and my editor asked how my morning was going, and I bemoaned the fact that I had left my real coffee at home, he actually offered me his coffee, freshly purchased (in a to-go cup) from the corner coffee shop and as of yet untouched. I didn’t take it, but wow, I was really touched by the selflessness of the gesture. That man is a true friend.

Next up: It’s almost time for the spring edition of Project 333, I’m still working on a list of what I buy when zero waste isn’t an option, and there’s a thing or two that I’ve learned this year about what is and is not worth it. I just have to decide what to write first. 😉

5 Responses to The thrilling conclusion(-ish) to my search for zero waste makeup

  1. Firstly – your boss is a coffee saint. My boss had a hot chocolate when we went out for coffee. He doesn’t get me (well with coffee at least!).

    Secondly, I’m so confused about you carrying back up coffee, but let’s not dwell.

    So FOUR years ago whilst in Paris I bought replacement foundation as mine was ‘running out’ from Duty Free (Lancome). Alas, that running out one? Still running! Yeah, not a regular wearer. And not one for useless recomended shelf life – I’m not breaking out and it smells fine and works fine thankyouverymuch! Anyhow.. I use SO little, I’ve really not looked zero waste, as I have with other items I go through faster (shampoo, conditioner <- both lush, deodorant <- reverted to wasteful). I never jumped the gap with tooth powders but pondered Lush. Some crazy I can't do. Oh, and being 'of that age' with gentleman callers who shower… well the shampoo bar is a funny, and tough sell – esp as I contain it in a black stocking (for dregs of last bar etc).

    • Back up coffee: I have a pour over cone, so every morning I make myself a cup of (caffeinated) coffee in my travel mug, then make a second “cup” of decaf in a jar to take with me to work — the coffee in the staff room is scary for about a dozen different reasons. My stomach is a jerk or it’d be real coffee all the time.

      Funny about your makeup — you really must not wear it a lot if you’re going on four years! I’ve never tried anything from Lush so we’ll see how this goes. I can get shampoo in bulk and I’m sold on the deodorant crystal and have no desire to branch out. 😉

      Some crazy I can’t do either! That made me laugh.

    • That was one brand on my list, and I meant to walk down to Plenty … and then we had Snow-pocolypse and I never did. And then I forgot. I might pop in one of these days and look at their eyeshadows …

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