Wordless Wednesday: Paper Edition

I’m a piler. As in, I make piles. And my piles, I tell you, are organized. I know what is where in which pile. If you move my piles, I KNOW.

I’ve always been a piler. Pretty sure I will forever be a piler.

When I worked my crazy downtown job, my office was wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling piles. People would give me a hard time about my piles, but I could find stuff. And I remembered nearly everything. Year, client, issue, what people wore in the meeting. No, I’m not kidding.


Today I went through a mail pile. That was by the front door. Most of it was sent to the recycle bin. Some was tax related stuff I need for filing 2013 taxes. I was a good little organizer and put those in a file folder that I labeled, wait for it, Taxes.

I got a replacement debit card, new HSA cards and a few paper bills (mostly of the medical variety). The rest? Junk. I’ve got to figure out how to get off of those lists.

Am I the only piler out there?

12 Responses to Wordless Wednesday: Paper Edition

  1. I am a piler too. I just heard about an app called paper karma. You are supposed
    to take a pic of the offending crap mail you don’t want or never asked for
    send it to them and they put a stop to it. I haven’t tried it yet but hope it works. It is free too.

  2. I’m a serious piler, mostly at work. And I like to transition piles into pocket folders. I don’t really know how to use those standard manila folders effectively – I never remember what I name stuff. With the pockets I can have just a topic. 🙂

    BTW Paper Karma really works. Our junk mail is way down!

  3. I ended multiple mailers when I took everything they sent including the envelope it came in and returned it to them in their postage paid envelope. Needless to say they were none to happy, but I was. Never heard from any company I did this too again.

  4. I am not a piler . . . I am a purger, but DH is a piler and it drives me crazy. He claims he is neat bec he has everything in piles but those piles cover his desk, bookcase, table, floor and most every other surface in his “room”. It drives me nuts. I have to close the door and walk away.

  5. We have lots of Little [h]eaps but some are actually quite big. If I try to clear them up I get moaned at and the next week is a has anybody seen my week.

  6. At home, I am a horrible piler! I call it my “sedimentary filing system” – it’s awful. Any horizontal surface can fall victim to my mess. Then, in an effort to do something about the mess, I simply pile all the piles together on my desk. I get bogged down trying to make decisions about what to keep, what to toss, what action to take. Then I get disinterested as soon as the action items pile up (actions like check online that a bill was paid, make a phone call, file something in the right place), then I just give up and pile everything back on my desk. I only do this at home. At work, everyone thinks I’m an organizational genius.

  7. Way late, but I thought I’d mention that I have decent luck using catalogchoice.org to cut the junk mail clutter. It takes some effort on your part (remembering to enter stuff into the website), but it’s pretty successful. Only two complaints: 1.) they advertise their paid service too aggressively and 2.) they can’t do anything about valpacks or red plum. I had good luck getting rid of the coupon mailers at my last place by simply attaching a note to our mail box asking the postman not to deliver them. I haven’t tried it here because my postman is a bit on the grumpy side, and I don’t want to anger him further.

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