He Shouldn’t Look Like He’s Anticipating a Flood

Boy Clothes

We cleaned out The Boy’s closet. We were having a flood problem with his pants that prompted the review session. The kid is growing like a weed. I think his pajama bottoms were a good 4-5 inches above his ankles. I was a tad behind the 8 ball on taking those out of the rotation.

You can’t really see it in the picture, but there were lots of pajama bottoms, a winter coat, long sleeved and short sleeved t-shirts and some pants. Oh, and three or four hoodies.

The school uniform pants that no longer fit will get donated. The other clothes, two paper grocery sacks worth, went to a friend with two small boys. Her boys are about 6-7 years behind us, but she is a willing recipient for our outgrown clothes. I also have two nieces that are five years behind The Girl, so most of her outgrown clothes go there.

Also, I love seeing picture on Facebook or Instagram with their kids in my kids’ clothes. It’s like our own version of Where’s Waldo.

Very Casual Poll. Also, over on The Simple Year Facebook Page, I asked people to respond to a very casual poll. I’ll repost it here, so please join in:

Any topics you’d like to see me talk about on the blog? Any products you think I should give a test run and report back because they claim to simplify some aspect of life? Any simplification questions keeping you up at night? Let me know!

10 Responses to He Shouldn’t Look Like He’s Anticipating a Flood

  1. I love the whole ‘clothes exchange’ part of life with kids! I met my friend Linda 11 years ago at a toddler group, she had a daughter and I had a son, both aged 3. We were both expecting a second child and had the opposite; she had a boy and I had a girl. Right from the start we swapped baby clothes – and the exchange still happens each time we have a sort out. Can’t imagine what we’ve saved over the years, and the younger siblings love getting a bag of goodies!! 🙂

  2. I feel you. My youngest keeps growing, and leggings I thought fit perfectly fine are really more like capris at this point. Ah, well. Sometimes we do “hand-me-ups” as one of her friends is a full head shorter even though she’s a year older. (They go to different schools to minimize potential embarrassment.) Having gotten a lot of hand-me-downs for my firstborn, I like being able to pay it forward.

    A casual answer to your casual poll: You haven’t mentioned selling the house / remodeling in a while and I’m curious how that’s going. Did your kitchen ever get put back together? Did I just miss that post? You’ve had quite the year…

    • Well, the remodel is mostly complete. We still need to paint the bedrooms. We were pretty exhausted by all of it, so we took a few months “off.” Plus, after last summer we continued to have issues crop up that weren’t cheap to remedy. Think plumbing, garage door, heater. We still have a lot to do in terms of addressing stuff in the garage and the sunroom. But we’re still working on it. Regularly. As for the house, we will definitely be selling it. We just don’t know exactly when. We’re in a bit of a conundrum right now with the housing market in our area. There are three factors working right now. 1. A lot of houses in our area are being torn down and brand new giant houses are going up in their place. Which leads me to #2. I’m not certain where houses in the middle like ours fall. We wouldn’t sell it for tear down lot value. But don’t know how that middle of the road market is going. 3. While I don’t doubt we could sell it, I struggle with where we would go. Smaller houses are either much, much more expensive because they are in a very desirable area. Or, they are much less expensive but in a questionable area. We aren’t going to make a bad financial decision and we have an aversion to the suburbs. So, we’re still trying to figure that all out. But we’ve got plenty to do in the mean time while we watch what the market does.

      • Definitely no point in selling (especially after you’ve put all that work into it!) if you can’t get something comparable. My husband and I often joke that we could sell our house, but wouldn’t be able to buy it back. It’s a weird market out there. Add to that kids, school districts, and how far you’re willing to drive, and it’s even more complicated.

        Thanks for the update! I’ve been wondering how it’s all been going. That seems like a Simple Year project in and of itself (even if it is anything but simple!)… totally admire all you’ve done this year.

  3. Hi Kandice, your writing is always so lovely and honest. I really look forward to your posts. If possible, I would love to read how you are going with simplifying your food cupboards, food shopping and cooking. I know from some of your past posts that this is an area you started to concentrate on and hoped to make some progress on in the future. I’m currently trying to work on this too and would love some insight and ideas.

  4. What are your thoughts about your wedding dress?
    Today I finally opened my sealed wedding dress from 20 years ago. I have been enjoying looking at it all day and taking pictures. It is so beautiful and brings back many happy memories of our wedding day. I was a princess for a day! My dress gave me much more enjoyment in 1 day than the 20 years it was in the sealed box! I will put it on tomorrow on Valentines Day for a little show to my husband and son. What to do long term – donate or keep? I plan to show it off to my mother and my nieces. Maybe a niece will wish for me to keep it for them?

    • Ah, the wedding dress. I have no idea what to do with it. I was a size 2 when I got married, so it wouldn’t fit me now. And, it’s way out of style for people getting married now. It’s definitely something I need to think about and figure out. Blog post idea!

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