On a Roll

This week I sold our bread machine via that same online yard sale I wrote about here and listed an item on Ebay. And then this morning/afternoon, I listed three more items on Ebay and like 5 or 6 on the online yard sale.

If you need some Rodan +Fields Oil Control Lotion, a signed Bill Cosby Headshot, or a really ugly teapot piggy bank, click on over and place your bid.

In the coming weeks, I’m aiming to list more so we can keep the momentum going.

In addition to listing all of that stuff, I made a dent in the master bedroom pile. Remember this?


It’s now this:


And I already know the stuff in that large box is getting listed on the online yard sale. I just have to get it all out, photograph it and sell it. Then I’ll tell you all about it. It will be like Story Time With Kandice. You can put on your jammies, get a cup of hot cocoa and sit down with your laptop/ipad/tablet. Fun times. I know you’re excited in advance.

Happy Friday everyone!

6 Responses to On a Roll

  1. Good job on getting stuff out the door. Great progress! I am currently in limbo trying to get rid of a nasty cold/infection. So much fun. Plus need a good excuse to stay in my jammies more often.

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