I’ve Been Busy

An Interview

This morning I was interviewed by Mohamed over at Midway Simplicity. I’ll let you know when the interview is up. Thanks Mohamed!

The Master Bedroom

I’m still working on that stuff in the bedroom. Still. But, I am making progress, so there’s that. I hung up two of the pictures that were leaned up against the wall. Just two. But, that’s two more than I started with, so you know. There you go.


I also found a local page on Facebook that functions as an online yard sale. Which. I. Love. I listed two necklaces I don’t wear. One sold that afternoon. This is the one I sold:

Via www.thisnext.com

Via www.thisnext.com

It was really pretty, but I never wore it. So, off it went. Still waiting to see if anyone bites on the other one. And, I’m going to try to use it for some of the other more valuable stuff I’m getting rid of. I’m crossing my fingers.

Just Say No

My mom, the Girl and I went to a cooking class at Williams Sonoma Sunday morning. My mom wanted to go because they were supposed to demonstrate this new fryer that uses only 1 tablespoon of oil, but the food is supposed to taste like it was fried in a deep fryer. I think they call it an air fryer. Anyway, they ended up not being able to demo it because the store sold out. And, you know how it goes with discounts and accumulation, they were offering 10% off anything you bought the day you attended the cooking class. My mom bought one of the fryers. I was tempted, but then I sat myself down and had a come to Jesus conversation that went something like this:

Buying Me: Wow, that’s really cool. And it’s healthier. I could make french fries. And chicken nuggets for the kids. And homemade potato chips.

Decluttering Me: It is cool, but no.

Buying Me: *totally ignoring Decluttering Me* I’d rather have the black one because it would match the coffee maker and the blender. Plus, I’d save $30 if I bought it today.

Decluttering Me: Seriously? Snap out of it. It will sit unused after a couple of times. Plus, you can do all of that in the oven with a cookie sheet. LIKE YOU DO NOW.

Buying Me: Yeah, I suppose you’re right.

I didn’t buy it.

I hope you all are having decluttering successes! What are they? I’d love to hear about them!

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  1. Love your conversation with your two sides. 🙂 I noticed my clothes have multiplied and am taking this afternoon to go through them and pass some on. I keep all my clothes on one shelf in a cabinet but when putting my laundry away I found it was getting tight to fit them all in. I don’t even shop! Off to purge.

  2. YEAH You!! I really want one of those fryers cause we do use the other kind of fryer a lot. I would love to have one but can’t bring myself to pay that kind of money.

    Great on the necklace to I belong to a lot of those garage sale sites on facebook and have sold a lot of things and I’m using my money for the Thirty one gifts convention in July extra money and I don’t have to take anything out about anywhere else.

    Keep on going! Great job!!

  3. Decluttering success . . . MOVING! Although we’re moving to a larger house, we have been so successful at getting rid of stuff we don’t want or need. Bags upon bags of clothes to Goodwill, furniture to people who could really use it, outgrown sporting goods to kiddos who grew out of their own stuff last year and could really use this gear this year, random scrap wood from the garage that we kept “just in case” we wanted to build something 🙂 It’s been awesome!

    Love your conversation with yourself . . . glad to hear that the angel won this one!

  4. I love that necklace, and wish it hadn’t sold because I would buy it from you! I am looking for something for my wedding, and that may have worked! You inspire me to think about what I’m buying, and to make better choices with my $$. Thanks for your long distance assistance.

  5. Good for you! I’ve been decluttering for a few years now, but I still get a buzz out of it. Today I bought my son new school shoes for the start of the school year, and got rid of his old ones, and another pair of shoes he’s grown out of. I love it when I can do the 1 in, 2 out step! Still loving your blog and wish you’d post every day:-) Loretta

  6. Good job! I know that sometimes I succeed and sometimes not but, I really hope the success wins out more times than not.
    For me I decluttered last year most of my books and have very few and more will probably go away once spring hits mainly my CD and DVD collections. If I cant find it at the library or Netflicks then it will go away. Thanks for sharing.

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