I Need Some Motivation

I vowed I wouldn’t vent today. But I do need a little nudge.

So I’m going to do that by moving on to the Master Bedroom. Which we’ve never really put together. Everything else always took precedence.  So our bedroom is ugly. Boring. Sad. And cluttered. Between now and next week I’m addressing this area:


I don’t even remember what is in those boxes. I packed them up this past summer and never got back into them. Which should be an indicator that whatever is in there I don’t need.

Do you have an area that you’ve been putting off decluttering? I guess I should re-read all the comments to the mailbag post about motivation. *insert shrug*


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  1. Heh. I feel like I’ve been putting off my bedroom closet for ages. I wish I could stay a single size, or even two.

    It’ll look awesome when you’re done! And when you declutter, you can redecorate at the end. Maybe that could help with the boring and sad parts of the room?

  2. Ah yes. This week I have been tackling the neglected boxes in the basement, barely touched since we moved here in July ’08. They are the tough stuff – the old family correspondence, photographs, yearbooks, kids’ drawings, etc. The “guilt stuff” I call it. I don’t WANT to keep most of it but I feel guilty just tossing it. I did, however, get three boxes down to one so I did let go of a fair amount. They will be tackled again at a later time – that kind of decluttering is emotionally exhausting!

  3. It’s okay, grieving is truly hard work all by itself, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Also, I think it’s harder to get motivated when it’s cold out. Having said that, I would just give those boxes a cursory look through and then go ahead and call Vietnam Veterans of America or a similar charity that picks up donations. Put them out and be done with it. You’ll immediately feel better, I hope! Also, maybe you can reward yourself by having your room painted a fresh new coat of paint once you’re done decluttering.

  4. I say keep the dog. Just me 😉

    Seriously, I have a large storage shed/small barn full of craft suplies, sewing, decor items. I have tried multiple times to clear it out — I’ve gotten rid of boxes worth of stuff — it just comes back. I’ve found it helps to work with a partner who is involved in the mess — my husband and both kids have been enlisted to help at different times.

    Good luck. This is a hard time. Victory will be sweeter, hard work is healthy, but if you fail, you can always come at it again.

  5. Dont be too hard on yourself you have been busy and grieving. If you really want dont even open the boxes since you have not even touched them since last year so just send it off to Goodwill or where ever.

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